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  1. rev4t

    Service manual?

    Hi I need torque settings for 2019 vertigo vertigal r as just fitted a low comp insert,, can anyone please help
  2. Hi just fitting a low comp head insert, anyone know the head bolt torque settings please
  3. When fitting a hope bulb hub with disc, what rim and spoke are needed
  4. Thanks very much, it also looks like that I might need a stepped rubber to manifold, according to in motion website, so will order one of those, I used the straight one from the 159 to try it,,,, would that make much difference
  5. Hi triasrfun, I have a 159 sherpa, I had a carb built to your above spec and bike runs spot on,,,, I have a 78 350 too, rebuilt to 340 cc, carb is lean on bottem end with these settings, shall I just richen it up with bigger pilot jet, or does this bike need all different settings, ps is Bob on on power, thanks
  6. hi im currently building a trials outfit. also ride solo. live in wigan . andy
  7. rev4t

    Rev 4t

    not tried clening out exhaust. but would this be making bike bad to start etc
  8. can anybody help . i have a rev4t 08 . thats bad to start, fouling plug up , and struggles to rev clean. i have .......... re jetted carb,re set valves, had stator re wound, thouroughly cleaned out all carb and choke jets,new plugs, clean air filter, altered air screw , breather pipes clean
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