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Garelli 323 Trial


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I bought an 87' model Garelli 323 aircooled mono today, road registered on a "E" reg and only 3 owners from new and even had the original handbook with it.

It's in exceptional condition, but isn't sparking??

I think the points need looking at?? i haven't messed with points for about 15 years?? any one care to refresh my memory on the right way to set them up???

And any info on these garellis would be a great help.

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As rough guide turn the flywheel over slowly while observing the opening and closing of the contact breakers through the small cutout in the flywheel you may also need a small torch to help out with this. when the points are at there largest gap hold the flywheel steady and insert a 15-16 thou feeler gauge if the gap is to big or small youll have to loosen the small screws that the points pivot on and insert a screwdrive in the slot and adjust the gap so that the feeler gauge just has a very light drag to it as it gets pulled out! if your lucky youll be able to do this without removing the f/wheel if not it will have to come off. like i said this is just a rough guide this should get a spark another thing to check that the woodruff key! (the half moon bit of metal that locates in the crankshaft half ) hasn't been dislodged or sheared off this will give no spark symptons!

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my usual procedure to rectify a no-spark bike; in order

1. plug: change it or at least have two to change around

2. points: check the faces of the points, they may need clearing up, Check the points gap (as describe). You may have a TDC mark on the flywheel, but you should get a feel for when the points open

3. condensor, could have blown

4. ignition coil, number of checks, including a check to see if its earthing correctly.

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After about 4 hours messing around i got it running!!!

Checked all wiring and cleaned the points and set them up and cleaned the carb.

It started but kept spewing fuel out of the back of the carb and filling the airbox!!!

I had a spare dellorto hanging around that came of a TY bolted it on and she started first kick!!! WOO HOO!!

Then it ran out of fuel about 10 seconds later!!! DOH!

So i bought a new plug this morning and some fresh fuel and it started first kick!! i put it back together this afternoon and tried it, the clutch was seized but the plates free'd up after about 15 minutes.

It ran like a puppy!!!! and i rode it around for another 15 minutes faultlessly, i'll take it for a decent ride tommorow.

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It runs fine with the TY 250 mono carb, but when you open it up going up a big bank it bogs down!!!

I think i need to change the jets???

in the manual that came with it theres an extra spec sheet that give details for the dellorto carb jetting for 2 models???

There must have been 2 versions of the the Garelli 323 one called (Section with a Dellorto phbh 28 bs) and the other called (Ranger with a Dellorto phbh 26bs)

i'm going to look for a site on the net to translate some of the italian in the manual into english for me next!!!

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I was'nt too happy with the carburation on the garelli with the dellorto 26, so me and a friend did a bit of fettling to the original dellorto 28 "needle and jets"!!!

I can't believe the difference, it's got as much poke as any new bike with awesome power at all revs!!!

I took it out for about an hour and half yesterday and i think it's by far the best aircooled mono i've ever ridden and i've ridden most of them!!

I can't believe why they are so rare when it's such a good bike.

I might even take it to a trial on the weekend!! :D

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They're rare because they had a tendency to lunch the geartrain from the kickstart (mine took the crankcase with it) and genuine parts quickly became unobtainable.

I loved mine and I still have it in boxes. I tell myself that one day I'll re-build the motor and use it again.

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