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Gasgas Frame Protection


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It's got to be a Ball Breaking job though.
yup :thumbup: we did a total car wrap in carbon fiber effect and the foil was very expensive ! if you just need protection go with matt/gloss black foil it,s 10 times cheaper. It,s just a decal so it will wear badly i,m afraid, i wonder how the black powdercoated frame looks after a while ?
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The black frames aren't too bad. I put some carbon fibre effect vinyl decal on mine, mainly where my boots touch the frame. It does wear but it does a decent job. The only pain in the ass is that you gotta cut it out and stick it on. Not always great at sticking first time but it does stay for a while.

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I've used "Oxford Products Paintsaver" which is a thick stick on plastic/vinyl sheet which comes in a roll that you have to cut yourself. It comes in black, carbon fibre & clear and a heat gun is really usefull when applying. You can get it from almost any motorcycle dealer. Mine has been stuck on the frame for 6 months where my boots rub & is holding up really well.

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