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Tiger Cub Fitting A Chain Tensioner.

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Have you a chainguard bracket fitted to the swinging arm?

I made a tensioner, copied in steel from a Scorpa and fitted it with a bush to the chainguard bracket and used a coil tension spring clipped to a small hole in the guard bracket. Works a treat!

However SM uses a TY175 tensioner on their own widened swing-arm which has a strange fit for the tensioner spring.

Big John

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My Full SM Cub has the same tensioner which works well but the SM footrests are TOO High and TOO far forward. You may want to check this once they are fitted. The height was 14" and only 75.5" from center of rest to front wheel spindle. It seems the ideal is 12" and 77-78" or you will end up with too much weight on the front end and have some interesting rides in the classic "round the tree and down the hill" sections! Having been over the front 4 times before discovering this it has been corrected and is now in the No excuses class with near perfect handling. If you lower the pegs you will also need to manufacture a rear brake stop as the SM pedal uses the engine case and is too high up for a normal foot. See my "blog" for the modifications.


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