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Who Is The Bsa Rider?


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its a grand lad called Odgie, rides his sunbeam tigress scooter engined BSA in the Red Rose and Yorkshire Classic rounds when he is not drag racing Yank cars.. A true modern day "character"

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Did he used to write for some custom type motorcycle magazines,Back Street Heroes or something like that?

He came north of the border a few years back to the Scottich Classic Motorcycle Racing Club's big trial and scramble at Thornhill in July,maybe 6 or 7 years ago.I never watched the scramble but I rode the trial and seem to remember he was a good rider.

I'm sure I have seen him at the Scottish pre-'65 a few years back.

Definately a character.

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I write for 100% Biker, Real Classic (by far the very best classic bike mag you'll ever read), plus a bit for Custom Car and a couple of American hotrod mags. Well, it all beats working for a living......

Doubt I'll be up't north anytime soon though unfortunately. I gave up scrambling after wreckin me knee (snapped the cruciate ligament in that muddy slot at a scramble near Edinburgh a few years ago - but two ops later it's cool now though), still trials riding (just got a very nice 1932 JAP-powered girder forked OK-Supreme, won the Rigid class first time out last weekend), but do a lot of hotrodding and nostalgia drag racing now, plus a few VMCC runs (our kid's secretary or our local group). So too many busy weekends, not enough Odgie to go round..... :D

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I have to agree with Graham on your website mate......one in the eye for all the PC brigade, and great fun to read.

.........it took me back to my mispent youth, and then made me realise that I clearly wasnt trying hard enough!

Did you also do a couple of articles in Trail Bike Magazine many years ago, I have a dim recolection of a BSA scrambler with a cracked piston

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