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1989 Jcm


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After buying a 1989 jcm europe of ebay that was running and just sounded like it had a bit of piston slap i have striped it and found the piston smashed to bits which has wiped out the barrel lining and head .I have managed to find another barrel and head second hand but can not find a piston anywhere !! i am now thinking it might be easyer to find elvis ! Anyone any idears ??????

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Have you still got yours Mick?

Yep, still got it tucked away under a dust sheet.

Dont know what to do with it really as I cant see me riding it again any time soon and I could do with the extra space.

By the way gixxer7500, some spares are still available from Brian Griffiths in Hereford. There is a phone number for him on another recent thread in the aircooled monos forum.

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was this bike on ebay few weeks ago and it was in south wales in tonypandy anyway i live near by and went to look at the jcm started up ok the front and rear shocks were crap it needed new springs in the front and regas the rear the engine sounded ok ish when i spoke to the guy he said it would run ok and some times makes a big rumbling nosie he said stop the engine for 5 min and start it up and it will run fine so i went home done some home work on this bike i phoned up brian griff and he said he has 4 pistons left and they are

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hi millerme

yes this was the bike from tonypandy !!!!! unfortunatly i live in manchester so could not view the bike but thought it was worth the risk but now i have stripped it i have found that nearly everything needs replacement and the pitted forks were never mentioned in the advert . You made a wise choice staying away when i stripped the engine i found bits of smashed piston skirt everywhere so the head is ruined and barell needs re-linning . I have phoned brian and he has been very helpfull and is waiting for pistons and other parts to be made so fingers crossed i can get the parts but i bet im looking at

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