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Awkward Wheel Bearings- Advice Please


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Some of you must of encountered thie before.

I need to change the rear wheel bearings of a Mecatecno Dragonfly im restoring. The trouble is that the long spacer inside the wheel that the wheel spinde slides through is fixed into both wheel bearings.It wont budge at all.

Id normally tap the bearings out with a long screw driver from the opposite side of the wheel. With this wheel the screwdriver just slides through and there are no ledges to get a purchase on.

Any ideas. I dont want to have to resort to picking the bearing apart . LOL ;)

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Most bikes are like this now, the spacer is often thin aluminium which makes it easy to damage too.

The normal way for me is to pour boiling water on the hub around one wheel bearing, flip the wheel over and strike the centre race of the opposite wheel bearing very hard.

This generally shocks the bearing on the hot side out by a few mm and the tubular spacer drops down enough for you to access the bearing properly with a long punch.

I then use the old bearings to drive the new ones in.

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If you have a shop or garage close by a bearing removal tool is the correct method. Basically it pulls the bearing itself out by the middle. They are reasonable at 100 to 150 us dollars. Which if you own it and a avid rider it would pay for itself.

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Never tried this before but seen it on this site and it sounds like a good idea. Get a suitable size rawl bolt and expand it in the inner race of one of the bearings then you will have something to hit. If you've got a welder weld something onto the inner race.


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