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Front Fork Help

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Help with my front forks!

I have a Sherco 08 and oil appearred to be leaking from the oil seals on both forks. The oil was weaping onto the upper forks when they were compressed and would run down one of the lower fork legs if the bike was left for any length of time under its own weight. A pool of fork oil was appearring under one of the froks on my garage floor.

I have changed the oil seals on both forks using good quality seals. Oil is still leaking from the seal area on the forks. I left the bike overnight after changing both seals to find oil still leaking down one of the lower fork tubes.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Things to check- like said above check the forks for any nicks, any nicks could have cut the new seal while installing it. Also you could have cut the seal while slipping the seal over the top of the tube. A piece of plastic cling over the top of the tube with a little seal grease helps. Check for proper oil height ?

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I would agree with the above most likely a cut to the seal on fitment i have done a few motorcross forks and find a bag from a loaf of bread put over the forks first gets it safely past any marks caused by the yokes etc . it could also be caused by the seal not being seated square when pushed in. I wouldnt expect it to be the seal, but some cheap seals arent worth the money either.

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