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  1. could be the dust covers if they are damagead at all or check the fork legs arnt scratched dinted ect
  2. the olle shocks are rubbish ive had to replace mine so has a friend we have both put ohlins on and not one fault worth the expence tho plus if the ohlins decides to pack up they can be rebuilt hope this helps
  3. 330 per leg any more just f***s them up
  4. 1sherco1

    Rear Shock Removal

    use a hammmer or use the circular bit on a spanner hook it on the alen key if that dosn`t work kick it in discrace
  5. change it to a beta ha betas are only good for bonfires
  6. drain the petrol and put new in
  7. and if there is any farms up there with a bit of ruff unusable for crops animals ect im sure they wouldnt mind just iff you got them a few beers ect hope this helps. josh
  8. ive never noticed altering the shock i just say ``stick yerr a*** over back``
  9. 1sherco1

    Side Stand Spring.

    probably not the most practical way but use a hammer or just dont put it on
  10. dont you think it will be hard to backhop
  11. i want more agresion though
  12. hi i was just wondering if the kiehn carb and power reeds are a good invesmont
  13. ive got a 2008 sherco and it tires me out when i hop ive put a titanim pipe on the made it a litle eiaser on the front and ohlins shock on the rear and wondering if any one has done any other modifications to make it lighter cheers
  14. 1sherco1

    Scott Trial

    i think lee sampson did well considering his chain snaped 15 minuits from the start taking him 15 minuits to get it sorted
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