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  1. jokerr

    EVO Gearing

    if you got it second hand the previous owner may have dropped 1 tooth on the front. check the size,(11 is standard) upping by 1 on the front will make quite a diference
  2. jokerr

    raga jetting?

    hi jon, thought i would let you know that your initial recomendation was the right one i put the 118 back in and lifted the needle 1 notch. much better knock gone. many thanks
  3. yep! dont go out without shin/knee protectors. the pegs will turn your shins to mush in the early days
  4. hi steve. i had a 2010 evo and loved it! ive got a gasser now and love that too. what noteable improvments have you found on the 2011 evo?
  5. jokerr

    Help with setup

    question 1 and 2 is adjusted by the flat headed screw on top of right hand fork, clockwise = more damping question 3 and 4 is adjusted by flat head screw on top of shock facing airbox, clockwise = more damping question 5 is preload adjusted by compressing or relaxing rear spring. large silver nuts at bottom of spring question 6 is preload adjuster, allan key on top of left hand fork, clockwise = more preload. ie less sag
  6. jokerr

    raga jetting?

    many thanks jse. pulled main jet to find a 118 replaced with the 120, fuel screw now at a more sensible 3 turns out. 1st impressions are good, throttle is far crisper, i think the 120 suits our cold thick air here in scotland, will get a better idea at the weekend
  7. jokerr

    raga jetting?

    just got a new raga 2010 250. does anyone know which jets are in as standard uk? bike came with a spare 120 main. i have a slight knock at higher rpm when covering ground so i am guessing that main jet needs upping. dont want to strip carb to find that its 120 or bigger. or what do you think? fuel screw out 4.5 turns. anyone go out further than that? dellorto phbl 26. cheers
  8. jokerr

    2011 EVO AM I JINXED

    how did you get on duggan? im in the process of updating to a 2011 but this is concerning me. ive had no probs with my 2010 so dont fancy this kind of expence every time i drop it. could be a deal breaker unless some assurances are given from beta. cheers.
  9. jokerr

    evo 2010 fork oil

    wow! cant believe the difference in cenistroke from brand to brand.great chart
  10. jokerr

    evo 2010 fork oil

    cheers liviob just checked page 49 on the manual. as per your post no joy on your link though.im kinda hoping the pj1 is a little heavier. but will use it now ive got it thanks.
  11. jokerr

    evo 2010 fork oil

    cheers rij i,ll probably just go with the 5w then. the manual called for oj01 and i just wanted to know what this was. thanks for the reply.
  12. jokerr

    evo 2010 fork oil

    doing the fork seals on my evo anyone know the weight of the standard oil? im about to use pj1 05
  13. jokerr

    Beta Rear Disk

    does anyone know if the rear brake disk from a 2007 rev 3 is compatable with an evo? i heard they may be larger in diameter and could be turned down to suit ? anyone know for sure ? thanks
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