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Bultaco Frame Mod S


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The simplest way is to fit longer rear shocks.

By increasing the rear shock length by 20mm (360mm length shocks) this should sharpen the head angle by 50seconds (nearly a degree) if my school boy Trig is correct.

TAN B = 20mm/1315mm(std wheelbase)=0.0152091. Which on the table of natural tangents relates to app 55' or nearly a degree.

It is a normal trick we do on the road bikes. I fitted a longer shock to my Street Triple and it really quickened up the steering.

Beauty of it is you have not altered the frame and if you don't like it put the old shocks back on.

Foot rests are my next project but I want to learn to ride competitively before I fiddle and make a major change.

good luck.


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has any one done any frame mods to a bultaco like alter the steering angle and foot pegs if so can any one give me some tips on how to do it

How good of a rider are you?

For me I'll never be able to outride my bike as mostly stock as it is. If anything I'd try to lighten it but again it would be more cost effective to lighten the rider.

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