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Northern Indiana April 24 & 25


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MichianaTrialsRiders Rock! Everyone was great help today, we accomplished a ton. The sections, loop and awards are better than ever before. Several people will be here tomorrow play riding, Everyone call in sick and come on down!

P.S. Flip us a $20.00 and preride the sections! :thumbup:

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Great trials Sam! At first i thought you went soft on the Experts then i realized that rain makes everything that much cooler. Well it saturday night and i gotta get back to my hot tub room... Been looking forward to this all week. You da man for making it happen.


PS dont tell osha that i leaked a solid gallon of fuel today. Fixed it tonight. were good for tomorrow. sorry about the loss of grass if any.

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Thanks to all involved with putting on the event. It is alot more work for the club when it rains to make everything rideable.

Hope your lawn wasn't tore up to bad Sam and thanks for the use of the property and all the hard work.

I think we have about 20 lbs of your dirt on each of our bikes.

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