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How To Find Out The Reg?


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Form INF85 allows you to register the bike for off road only and is free. In the event of it being stolen and recovered you should get it back.


I had to take the bike to my local DVLA (who don't take phone calls - ever)they checked the frame and engine no's and it transpired it had been registered. They then contacted the last recorded keeper and (for £25) I got the original reg no, it would have been free for a Q plate.

I now have the V5 in my name.

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On 12/28/2010 at 10:14 AM, ukaf said:

It is possible to find the Registration from the VIN (frame number). I have a Trade HPI account which does it.

I type in the VIN and the report comes back with any information held on the vehicle. If there's no information on that VIN then the result will be "No Records Found".

A couple of points to note:

1. The check runs on the exact number entered - any mixed up/un clear numbers will give a false result.

2. All records held for the vehicle will be returned; make, model, year, reg number, accidents, theft claims, theft reports and sometimes some other bits.

A word of caution. If I HPI a vehicle and it shows up as stolen I'm obliged to call the Police Station dealing with the incident - all other people with a HPI trade account have to do the same. If the bike has been reported stolen and is on the police database they will come asking. If you bought the bike in good faith it's unlikely you'd be charged but the bike could be confiscated.

DVLA, the police and normal HPI check companies won't do a VIN check.

i have just bought a bike which used to be on the road then got took off for farm use.i have the full vin,where is this site i could get reg from to get logbook Thanks

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I just went onto the  CARVertical there and put my VIN number into their checking service .

No record of that VIN found and the site assumed I had made a mistake , I didn't have to pay the 14 quid and just pressed the back button :) 

Might get a bill in a few days mind .

Not sure if Car Vertical do motorcycles of course https://www.carvertical.com/gb/pricing , but don't specifically see any mention that they don't ?

I was unsure if my bike had ever been registered .

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