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Shock Help Needed


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I've just been asked by the beta importer over here to ask where to get a shock that will cope with being used on the chair, length needs to be 300mm between centres

Any help would be much appreciated as he needs it urgently

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Got our wires crossed about where on the outfit the shock is for, it's to go in the bike itself. The bike is a 99 techno

They have used a standard shock with heavier spring which works well for a length of time before the spring overpowers the valving, any ideas on what he can do quickly.

What changes to the valving need doing or is there a shock available off the shelf that will do the trick?

Any help would be much appreciated

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Hi Tony,

I'm guessing you want the outfit ready in time for the Kaikoura 3 day, so this would be a bit late now.

I have a road bike monoshock you could try out, is it for John?

This would have a heavier dampening rate than a trial shock and a stiffer spring too. It's off a Kawasaki 250 road bike. From memory it is 300mm between centres.

Ta ta, PeterB.

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Hi Peter,

It was for John & he ended up using the shock he already had, has ordered 1 from TRP but it was too short notice to arrive in time

Good weekend with the saturday being fine & the rain on the other days only being overnight, seems like the rest of the island wasn't so lucky

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