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Took the carb off my 315 to give it a good clean out.

On doing so I noticed that the pipe connecting the 2 breathers either side of the top of the carb appeared to have been warn through at the bottom of it's loop.

On looking in the manual it looks as though this is not wear but could be as it was fitted.

Is this a balance pipe or merely a breather.

In other words do I need to replace with a new piece of pipe or leave as is?



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My Sherco 3.2 has the a similar tube, complete with what appears to be a melted hole on the bottom. When I had the carb apart for cleaning I could see that the top of the float bowl chamber is connected to these two ends of the tube (one each side of carb) and they act as vents. I guess when the bike falls over to either side this allows excess fuel to flow out regardless of which side the bike falls.

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