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|Hi all

Just bought a new 2010 EVO 250,i am experiencing the same problem i had with my REV3,when the engine running,when stationary with the engine running,it is very difficult to change gear,let alone find neutral,alot better with out engine running.On my old REV 3,i did the clutch mod,which made it alot better.Surley i should not have to do this to a two month old bike??????????????????


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I have a 2010 evo and have found that the type of gear oil makes a huge difference. bel ray gearsaver being the best i have found and morris being real bad. try some differnt oils and you might not have to bother with clutch mods.

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i had the clutch done it felt mildly better, there is some play in the selecter drum in the gear box ,

and lampkins says it can b shimmed and might fix the lack of finding neutral when the engine is running.

i can select gears with a bit of persuasion.

do you guys think its worht splitting the cases to fix this fault or will beta's just always b this way?

i do live the bike its a rev3 270 (07) i am a beginer and i realise now a 200cc would've been sweet for me but

hitting big stuff on the 270 adds a bit of excitement to the sport.

anyways what do you reckon FIX it

or LIVE with it and keep the money

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