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Sidecar Newbie


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I have taken the brave/foolish/mad (delete where applicable)decision to purchase a sidecar off of ebay to pair with a Montesa 348. Having ridden schoolboy twinshocks in the 80's, mono more recently and then moving back to twin shocks I suddenly had the urge to give sidecars a go....

I am wondering if the sidecar enthusiast's can help with the following:

1) What are the common mounting points for the chair to the bike and how should I approach a Montesa 348

2) For a newbie what are the basics and how would you build up the practice ?

any help appreciated


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Hi Rob,

Good luck with this new venture. I really enjoy seeing the chairs at a trial, but certainly have no desire to go anywhere near one!

From what I've observed when watching these odd machines tackle sections, you should practice a rolling fall...



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Hi Rob, you aren't the only Newbie - my mate and I have just bought a Beamish. We did have a Monty 315R outfit for a while but couldn't find any competitions close by. One thing I would defintely advise is a hand guard on the throttle side - you will fit one after your first ride if you don't fit one now!

Good luck and see you out there maybe!

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