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Trials Presentation For Kids. Ideas needed!


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I was wrangled into doing a presentation on trials at a day camp for kids. Its in a city park so there's nothing to ride on, but I figured I'd bring the bike, clothing, medals. Anyone have anyother ideas about things to bring or talk about? Maybe quick obstacle to set up and ride on?

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As Telecat says, depends on their age, but surely you'd want to explain the rules? why not take a tyre or two with you or a pallet and ride over them? or without the engine running, see who could balance the longest on the bike without putting a foot down? when we were kids we used to play a game called "squares" (dunno why?) where you would have an area of say 12' square in the road (or between parked cars!)and the object would be to knock your buddy off their bike and make them put their foot down - great for balance. I doubt 'elf & safety would allow now !! you could always set out some markers and see if they can ride round them on their bmx's. balance competition could be a winner though. - Good luck :thumbup:

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