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  1. I wonder if when your going downhill you might be using more throttle when your shifting your weight back? Keep the throttle shut and as said above, a good handful of front brake depending on conditions etc. as you dont want to slide the front. On uphill, I find it helps to bend the knees - knicked that from Ryan Young's dvd and it certainly helps me. good luck ! Caddabs.
  2. Had a fantastic day today. Got soaking wet, muddy, smelly and tired and in the dog house, but a great days riding. Anyone else enjoyed their Sunday? What better way to spend a day !? Caddabs
  3. Glad you enjoyed the video, but i've taken it off as i may be in danger of damaging a friendship, which wasnt really the intention, and after all riding with your bussies is the best bit. Have fun all Cheers Caddabs
  4. This is my best mate falling off his Fantic about 2 years ago now. Still makes me laugh though - this needs sound for full effect. Hope he doesn't mind me posting this - what are friends for !!?? Music is by my favourite band Audioporn if anyone is interested. man v Gravity
  5. caddabs

    Broken top Yoke

    it is a very strange thing indeed. The yoke hasnt had any work done to it, and i take your point, but on close inspection the allen bolts are straight and havnt been re-tapped. As you will see one side has snapped off and the other is about 90% through. Odd one.... Cheers Caddabs
  6. caddabs

    Broken top Yoke

    Yes thanks - i wondered if it might have been the cold. sadly despite my protests, Mr Jarvis lives in a shed and i guess he gets cold from time to time, although i do wrap him up in a blanket. its not been as cold here as last year, and i think -2 is about as cold as its got so far, but it might have been compounded from last year, when it was chuffing cold. i had wondered whether it might have been extra stress i have put on it when fixing it to my rack, as i tend to wrap a tie round the yoke and crank it down tight. road vibration could have shaken it up a bit maybe. just odd both sides went at the same time. extra blankets it is then. cheers all Caddabs
  7. Mine are spongier than Mr Kiplings sponge finger. Going to try a new master cylinder when i can face it.
  8. caddabs

    Broken top Yoke

    Went to warm up my P&J to find my top yoke had fractured on both sides and i wondered if anyone else had experienced a similar problem? They are Paioli forks and i had tightened them to torque (not overly tight). I havent fallen off recently and ride steadily. my local welders was unable to help me, so i have found a second hand one to replace it, but dont want to repeat the process. any ideas? Cheers - Caddabs
  9. caddabs

    AJP Front brake

    Thanks all. The pads are Kyoto, which i suspect may be at the cheaper end of the market - as above, i have just ordered some new more expensive pads so i'm hoping that will do the trick. i have previously tried the dragging until hot and then pouring water over them which seems to work for a while, but they soon fade. ive also tried taking the pads out, cleaning them with emery and scoring grooves in them with a file (well new ones are on order) - no better. the disk is 100% straight. just checked it. its 11 years old so its a little worn, but basically sound. not sure what is meant by moving the lever in board - its in the normal place. it is a short lever, but i dont think that should make any difference. The adjustment is fine, plenty of piston movement - but i take the point. i prefer the lever to be further out than in anyway. i'm going to see how the more expensive pads work out, but if not i'll have a look at the pistons as described. stoppies are totally out of the question at the moment !! If that doesnt work then maybe junk the caliper for a new one. many thanks all - very helpful. cheers Caddabs
  10. caddabs

    AJP Front brake

    Can anyone help me to improve my front brake? i have a 2000 290 with a single pot AJP. The brake is really useless with no feel at all and not enough bite to hold it on a downhill. the pads are relatively new (although i have just ordered some more), there is no air in the system. the disk is old, and a little scored but ok. when i put the brake on you can still push it forward. no amount of handlebar adjustment helps.the disk has been cleaned and i have cleaned all the crud off of the pads. i was wondering about taking the pistons out (not sure how) and cleaning them. would that be sensible or are they best left alone? getting a bit fed up as on small downhill sections i cant stop it on the front brake and often over run markers. (thats my excuse) any help gratefully received. all the best Caddabs
  11. As Telecat says, depends on their age, but surely you'd want to explain the rules? why not take a tyre or two with you or a pallet and ride over them? or without the engine running, see who could balance the longest on the bike without putting a foot down? when we were kids we used to play a game called "squares" (dunno why?) where you would have an area of say 12' square in the road (or between parked cars!)and the object would be to knock your buddy off their bike and make them put their foot down - great for balance. I doubt 'elf & safety would allow now !! you could always set out some markers and see if they can ride round them on their bmx's. balance competition could be a winner though. - Good luck
  12. caddabs


    That looks fun - i'd love to have a go at that, but i think my wife operates a one in, one out policy with bikes I see its AMCA - i guess the next one would be on their website? I'm just up the road and wouldnt mind coming to watch one day. Nice vid too - love the guy taking a "comfort break" before the start! Nice Ajay too. Cheers Caddabs
  13. I'm really enjoying this season's GP and BSB series but after a bit of a break from watching road racing, things have changed since back in the day when it was either a proddie or a 500. Can anyone please explain - what is an Evo? also are moto2 bikes, cbr600's in different frames? is there any difference in the WSB and BSB bikes? is/are superstock, standard 600's? what do they ride in the IOM Senior? and what do they ride in Supersport? cheers all Caddabs
  14. caddabs

    right gearbox oil

    I've just switched from Ipone to Putoline Light. Still a little sticky when cold, but much better.
  15. My money's on Casey for the championship too, if he can keep out of the hair-bears way. loved the way he rode the Ducati where Rossi couldnt - cant understand why he's not more popular. who's going to win tomorrow? Casey will be up there, but Silverstone might suit the Yams better - Lorenzo or if it rains who'd rule out Crutchlow? really enjoying 2011 - although sadly i'm out tomorrow and will miss it - who knows how to use the video recorder?
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