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Beta Evo Rear Wheel Bearings


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I bought a 10 month old Beat Evo 2010. When i bought it , the rear wheel bearings were shot so i replaced with new . I have had this bike less than 6 months and i am now on my third set of wheel bearings ( another DNF today ). I have heard a rumour that Beta have replaced these bearings with a bigger bearing to stop this happening again and it is a factory replacement if I get in touch with Lampkins.

Has anybody else heard this before I get in touch with Lampkins and make a fool of myself !!!


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Come on , somebody must have some ideas! Is this a case of better quality wheel bearings being used ? if it is , could somebody recommend a manufacturer that I could use ?

Or is it a factory problem and the importer will help ?

Any ideas anyone ?


09 evo had smaller wheelbearings fitted , and for the 2010 model they changed to a larger 60042rs bearing in common with most trials bikes.

as for best quality i tend to use skf bearings and they last for close on 10 months with bike being used nearly every weekend. i also think that as i dont have a pressure washer helps.

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If the aluminium tube sitting between right and left bearing is too long, like in my bike it is, and you hammer the bearings as deep in as they go, the inner and outer rings are not in line any more. This might shorten their lives?

I have a 2009 Evo 4t/250 and I bought these six months ago just to see if it is a question of quality or not:


A very expensive test, hope they last for years...

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