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Bike In A Estate Possible?


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Peugeot 308SW: I've transported Montesa 315, Honda TLR and Cub trials in this. I remove the nearside and middle front seats (they clip in/out) to create some room and move the front passenger seat forwards (all the way so there is definitely enough room to get the bike in; it can be moved back later). I remove the front wheel and insert the bikes backwards. if there isn't enough clearance for the rear mudguard through the rear opening the bike can be inserted at an angle as the roof height is taller than the opening. I check the bars will go through the opening before loading (I crudely use a tie down strap held between the bottom of the forks and top of the bars to measure that distance then compare that with the opening) and if there is no clearance I put the axle in the fork and loop a rope from the bars to the axle and compress the forks sufficiently. I rest the bottom of the fork legs on a piece of wood so they don't wear holes in the carpet and have a sheet of plastic under the bike so the carpet doesn't get stained/dirty. The 308 has a pair of tie down loops in the floor near the opening and I run tie downs with cinch buckles from these to the bars to hold the bike upright and adjust the front passenger seat position so the rear wheel is pressed against it (with a blanket for protection); the seat position is usually still "normal" for passenger use.

Make sure the tailgate doesn't press on the front mudguard. Chocking the rear wheel so it can't move is a good idea as the tie down points are so far back that the tendency is to pull the bike forwards (towards the rear of the load bed) and then the bike will flop about.

I position the bike on the passenger side as the central console extends too far back to allow me to get the bike all the way in on the centre.

That's how I do it, but I hate doing it. I can unload the bike myself, running it down a plank resting on the bumper (with a blanket to protect the paint) but loading is really a 2 person job. If I had to travel such a distance that I didn't want to take the trailer or for security didn't want to use a trailer then I am glad that I have this option but for a 1 hr. drive to a club trial I use the trailer every time. It nice to know I can move a bike with my estate car (a lot of self control is needed at Telford) but the next vehicle I have will be something like a VW Caddy or a Sharan so I have in effect a small van that I can carry a bike in without removing the front wheel and without needing assistance to load it.

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I picked up my txt 300 in the back of a meriva, 30 miles in on the return journey I realised it would have been a good idea to at least remove the fuel tank!

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Nae bother,I had a Gas gas that went into a Mk 3 Astra hatch.

Only had to take off front wheel.

Everyone should do this as it. embodies the spirt of Trials.

Anyone arriving at one of our trials with a tricked out van or God forbid a Motorhome is bad form.

The only real riders are those that ride to the Trial.

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say you wanted to transport the trial bike in the car ... if you take the front wheel off .. then how do you protect the bottom of the forks ? ... thinking about how to strap the thing from falling over in the car !

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Given that we're battering the bottom of the forks across rocks I wouldn't be too bothered about how much damage a carpeted car floor is going to do. The seat belt mounts or there's usually a loop to hold the seat backs up - either of these make suitable tie points.

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