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Wrighty Talk?


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Get the word spread! Wrighty is a self-publicist anyway...he usually puts something in Trials & Motopcross News but its usually the edition that everyone misses as they are heading north to Fort Bill.

I have missed the talk night for some years now, last one I was at was Bill Wilkinson and he was ace! before that I was at the one he did with Jeff Smith of BSA fame, it was excellent too.

Big John

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Yup - he is, just confirmed last night.

There's a change of location this year though - it's going to be at Caol Community Centre, 8pm start.

Does he normally announce it himself? Don't want to go talking about it on here if he normally does a launch.....

Thank you Lassie, where abouts is the Caol Community Centre?

BJ we also went to the Bill Wilkinson talk, the following year it was Steve Saunders turn and he was also excellent, wonder who it will be this time?

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when the 'old folks' are at Wrightys talk remember to come along to this - it'll be a great night.


and for the rest of the week check out this


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