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Ssdt Chat?.


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We've got a single blog for each day that we update when the office is quiet enough, but Facebook is your best bet for keeping up with the one-liners. Yesterday was particularly quiet because we were so busy juggling everything to reroute the trial and get everyone back in before dark that we simply didn't get the luxury of a seat at the computer. Apologies - we are trying, but unfortunately have loads of work to do as well as sitting online!

We've got live results feed though, and live webcam feeds, and GPS tracking throughout the trial, so you can always have a squizz at those if you're bored.....or start some online chat amongst yourselves! :)

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Should also mention that G2F normally update us from sections - they get access to our Facebook and Twitter feeds and give us snippets throughout the day. Unfortunately the 3G signal seems to have worsened this year, and Jake's struggled to get any signal when he's been out and about....we're working on that to try and find an alternative for tomorrow though, so you should see an improvement then!

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