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French Four Day

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Hi folks

got an entry for this year but have noticed in the regs they ask you to produce a grey card for your bike ?

anybody know what that is ?

I have been assured its ok to just take log book insurance and drivers licence but its a long way from Newcastle if they wont let me start !

appreciate any advice


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Hi Baldilocks

No you dont need a grey card for uk bikes like you say take your registration v5 and your insurance cert and your driving licence card.

Some years they look through them and other years they dont even bother to ask for them.

You must have working lights(front atleast) for the scrutineering though if your bike lights arent wired up then a set of bicycle lights will be fine.

If you havent been before its one of the best Trials Ive ridden this is our 6th year and cant wait 6 weeks time we shall be there!!!


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A certain Spen Valley rider has managed to scam yet another ride in this event this year, PLEASE can anyone riding try to keep this individuals drinking flatulance and general personal hygene under a degree of control ? (and at very least keep him away from your French hosts ! ).

We cannot afford in these hard economic times an un-necessary international incident as a result of this individuals 'personal habits and hygene' - not least it would bugger up the spirt of the trial for all the other British riders taking part.

It's rumoured that he is currently attempting to learn 'pidgeon french' which is limited to how to order a beer, its understood that he will however expect his 'mates' to pay for it on account of his recent shallow 'victory' - read 3rd place in a Spen Trial !

The other Spen Valley riders taking part will no doubt do their level best and attempt to keep this individual under control, however a full on British effort in this regard will be needed - so please get involved !

You will know who this person is as he will be the one telling tales (loudly) of him getting this 3rd place (in a recent Spen trial) at the expense of some of his 'friends' - not excepting that he cheated and gave bogus tips on riding lines to use to one of his unsuspecting victims.

As this is his only significant placing in recent history - he is full of it ! (arnt you Martin ? ......Opps :-o )

Please help your fellow British riders when in France to control this individual, as the home office are un-able to revoke his passport in time to prevent him travelling !

Thank you !

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