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  1. I think you should go and spend your money on the Racing - PDQ! (the weekend is rapidly approaching and you need to get out on it !) If it helps you I know of a Racing thats just sold for £3850 - they are a stand out bike with that carbon silencer................wouldnt mind one of those myself ! Good luck
  2. The Ossa would be the thinking mans choice ! Having owned Sherco Gassers n Betas - I had a ride on an Ossa recently and was blown away by just how good it was overall. Smooth predictable linear power - be warned tho the mainstream 300's ( GG Beta Sherco ) tend to tire you in the arms after a couple of laps the Ossa doesnt do this. Very well thought out layout- radiator and air filter will stay clean !! and all very easy to work on. Ohlins rear shock comes STANDARD - there is no better shock than this - FACT. But its trump card is that its fuel injection, starts easy no matter what the weather, and runs in a very predictable and enjoyable way. Ive just come away from a Beta and whilst it was a good bike - the Ossa is so much better and has moved the game on, i suspect that the other manufacturers will have to play catch up now to Ossa. You will get far more Ossa for £3k than any other bike at that price (dont think you'll get a factory for £3k though !) Ossa has a cool bike factor about them too and they are the only manufacturer who is currently expanding manufacture. I'd alway try buy from a reputable dealer as he will look after you and will only sell you something that he is confident in build a relationship with him and he will alway be there to help you and advise you - buy private and you take your chance ! Good luck and enjoy your venture back into trials !
  3. Hi, If you can afford £3k then my advice is to spend £3k - basically you pay for what you get. The newer the better rule applies. There are lots of good bikes out there - but in my opinion (having recently tested out several new bikes) I have opted to buy an Ossa. ( I had a Beta previously and have owned virtually every make of bike out there over the years) Ossa represent excellent value for money (either used or new) come with an Olins rear shocker which is fantastic and make the bike ride far better than anything else does with out spending extra to upgrade ! The Ossa is full of modern thinking and has moved the game on - whilst others have stood still. Mechanically they make perfect sense - im an engineer and looking at the Ossa lay out to me is engineering sense in that they are easy to work on, everything is in the best position for ease of use / longevity. But the best part is the engine which is fuel injected. They are so smooth and predictable and you feel fully connected with the bike, and for me makes it so easy to ride and focus on the hazzards to ride - not the engine ! All the early bugs are long sorted now on the Ossa (what bike out there hasnt had bugs anyway ? My last bike had for sure !) I would suggest you buy from a dealer - and they will look after you not just on the bike but loyality gains rewards over time. Several friends of mine have Ossa's and they say they would not ride anything else. I think as more people try them the more people will be won over and go out and buy them, you can jump the que so to speak ! Good luck and hope you enjoy riding trials.
  4. I have ridden this bike to see what it was like. - Its VERY GOOD INDEED and if I were to consider a 2 Stroke then one would be a strong possibility. The owner of this bike is winning on it and rides with a big fat grin on his pretty face (sorry mate - couldnt resist !) The quality is there to see, the lay out of the bike is superb - you can get to everything it would seem easily. Modern bike with out being OTT with gizmo's and features. You can spanner this at home. The looks are great and the ride is excellent. Yes this one is modified - but I would expect some of these mods to appear on new bikes soon. Thats not to say the original stuff was wrong - just not to the owners preferance. Summary - Excellent and well worth considering and will have some manufacturers looking over their shoulders I'm sure.
  5. scoobydo

    Which 4 Stroke?

    I have a 2011 Beta 250 4T with an Arrow back box - its very grippy, zippy and is fun to ride (I weigh 15 stone) Its well made and is overall an excellent bike with out the complication of efi. Its also 'affordable' as 4 strokes go ! Its the best bike I have ridden IMO. Not much to pick between the 250 and the 300 unless you open them right up ! I am sure the Mont is also an excellent bike - friends I know who have them like them but do comment that they can be hard work and be a bit firey I personally do not think that there is that much to gain by having the 'Honda' engine over the Beta / KTM donk they are both proven and well made both start and run well - the Beta will have a price per part advantage over the Honda - should you need anything. Either way I strongly recommend that you try both bikes before purchase and if possible over the same terrain so you get a fair and level comparison. Its a win win with these 4 bangers - the fun bit is choosing your own favourite ps Ignore Mr Bou's Mont / Honda - its from the planet HRC ! and as such is not like a normal earthlings Mont / Honda would be
  6. Nah ! ITS GOT TO BE ......... OssAgaS
  7. scoobydo

    Ossa Factory

    Andy @ Pennine Trialsport has one - I'm sure he would help / advise you
  8. WARNING ! A certain Spen Valley rider has managed to scam yet another ride in this event this year, PLEASE can anyone riding try to keep this individuals drinking flatulance and general personal hygene under a degree of control ? (and at very least keep him away from your French hosts ! ). We cannot afford in these hard economic times an un-necessary international incident as a result of this individuals 'personal habits and hygene' - not least it would bugger up the spirt of the trial for all the other British riders taking part. It's rumoured that he is currently attempting to learn 'pidgeon french' which is limited to how to order a beer, its understood that he will however expect his 'mates' to pay for it on account of his recent shallow 'victory' - read 3rd place in a Spen Trial ! The other Spen Valley riders taking part will no doubt do their level best and attempt to keep this individual under control, however a full on British effort in this regard will be needed - so please get involved ! You will know who this person is as he will be the one telling tales (loudly) of him getting this 3rd place (in a recent Spen trial) at the expense of some of his 'friends' - not excepting that he cheated and gave bogus tips on riding lines to use to one of his unsuspecting victims. As this is his only significant placing in recent history - he is full of it ! (arnt you Martin ? ......Opps :-o ) Please help your fellow British riders when in France to control this individual, as the home office are un-able to revoke his passport in time to prevent him travelling ! Thank you !
  9. scoobydo

    Beta Evo 4T

    Are you sure it isnt a build up of foam filter oil thats dropped away from the filter into to bottom of the air box ? If you think its engine oil - look in the carb for proof. I wont say dont have an off - rather try to stay on the bike !
  10. And now your keyboard is flooded !
  11. Push the button which you like the look of the most - rev the engine - drop the clutch and hang on like &uck ! It's a Raga 300cc for christ sake do you really need to provoke it even more than what it gives you already ? You do ?? Geesss ! You are brave mate ! Good luck ! (in gest ) - You can only 'feel' what they do to the tune of the engine by experiment over the same section in each position and/or a reet good blast up a hill climb - But don't expect massive changes in power - more likley subtle wickness increases
  12. You guy's are missing various points here. Some of you are saying Un-proven bike ? In what context ?? The brand is unproven - but with Tarres involvement and Steve here in the UK I would take a punt on one. The Bike is unproven - Hardly ! You just need to watch the stuff on Youtube that Pol Tarres is doing on one to see that this could well be one of the most 'sorted' new bikes ever ! Once Steve has machines here and is winning (as he does) on it there will be lots of eager beavers I am sure ! Price
  13. Oh go on...... look like a tart - you'll be amongst friends ! in the 'plain jane' stuff you will be the one to stand out !
  14. EE Bah Gum ! And I thought that I was as tight as a knats chuff ! Get yer hands in yer pockets and get a new tyre bought yer skin flints ! Nowt like a new un ont back to make sure ya beat ya nearest rival That way you are supporting (propping up) your local trials dealer (he cant live on fresh air tha' knows !) Oh and you dont have to go to the lenghts my nearest rival goes to to (try) and beat me - 3 new bikes in one year just to get a new back tyre ! (true !) Plus another new'un already this year ! For all the tight arses out there - make sure before you change you pirelli X13's that you can deffo see what looks like bird dirt on the tyre (in other words it's worn down tut canvas) - that way ya knows youve 'ad yer moneys worth You'll know ya Pirelli is jiggered when ya cant find any more grip on the section at the sand paper yard !
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