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Ty Mono Carb


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I bought a 44 H TY mono a few weeks back, fixed the igniton and put it in the shed while I finish a TS project, this weeckend I made a few round behind the house to find it very VERY " SLUGGISH " so I took the carb off cleaned it put it back with no improvements. I'm sure the exhaust need's a good cleane up but still I think the carb need's fixing. I have " on the shelve " a new roung slide 26 mm Mikuni ( VM type ), is it a good idea to try it on ? Or am I loosing my time, I know I have to modify the flywheel. but I have to start somewhere.


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Big weekend of fun comming up, 4 days with Mick Andrews ( I hope the wheater will cooperate ) first thing I'll check when I come back is the size of the VM, I had both carb 5 feet apart this saterday and did'nt think of that.



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