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scot taco

199A Front Wheel Alignment Problem.

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Hello sherpa325,

Is that 199b the one with original footrests? Or have they been cut off and had modern brackets welded to it?

Would be a shame to wreck a classic bike like that. Actually I'm against modifying any old bike to bring it up to modern specs.



No - its pretty much as it left the factory

I did see one the other day that had heaps of modifications, like flat slide carbie, reed valve, late model tank, honda front forks, hub and rim, honda rear hub and wheel, modified frame. late model footpegs, different seat, frame and tank and rims are all the incorrect colours, but hey who is counting, I hope all these indiscretions are rectified for next weekends event or I may have to lodge a protest!!!!!!!!!!!

PS Brian I would be moving out of that glass house if I were you, oh did I forget the modified LOUD exhaust.

Cheers Greg

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Hey sherpa,

You forgot the rear shocks, seat,handlebars,levers ,brake pedal and light flywheel.

You can protest all you like. I think I may know the person who the protest goes too.

But at least that answers my next question, Were you riding this week end? I'll take that as yes.

Cheers mate


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I wouldn't worry about a set of pegs on a 199B anyway as they made 1778 of them, apparently not as rare as an RTL Honda. Can you just imagine the poor frustrated owner of the RTL with the missing forks, front wheel and rear wheel trying to work out who would butcher such a rare piece of trials history, maybe I could give him your number!

Cheers Greg, see you Sunday

PS Gonzo is AWOL for Sunday

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