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King Bernie Was Back In Town.


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I just want to say how great it was to have 1979 World Champ Bernie Scheriber visit the USGP this past weekend at the TTC. The response from the public was amazing. People lined up for 2 hours to get an autograpgh and to meet the man. Bernie was very gracious and took time to speak with everyone.Throughout the weekend Bernie could not walk far without meeting a fan. People brought their scrapbooks and photo albums to show Bernie and to get them signed. I am sure that everyone that met Bernie this weekend now has a story to tell. Bernie wanted his visit to benefit the US TdN team so all proceeds from the book signing, t shirt and poster sales went to support Team USA. The generosity of the people was amazing. I can say that it was the biggest weekend fund raiser in US TdN history.

I also want to thank everyone that helped arrange a proper welcome and made Bernie's visit a success. Dan Brown and his amazing TTC staff, Brad Baumert, Pete Croft, Vonda Roper, Jim Watson and everyone that worked the TdN booth.

Below is a link to a great story by Jake Miller on the FIM-Live website.


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I do the same with my 13 year old , my 16 yr one thinks he knows it all .... already !

Brad got Bernie to sign the tank on my 240 pro , and thierry was there too and he signed it too !

Now I've got to get another tank to use ...

But it was great to see and talk to Bernie one on one for just a few moments , his being only a year older than me , made him one of my childhood idles , riding trials in New England as a kid , all I ever saw in magazines about trials was about this kid in California that was kicking everybody's A$$...

Good to see him out and about and enjoying himself .


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