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You can not buy direct from Sherco you have to go through one of their dealers.

I can understand the loyalty and keeping the dealers in buisness.

It's not the dealers or the importers fault, it's just the chain of supply is like pass the parcel until it gets to the end consumer.

Sherco's slogan should be: "Buy a Sherco and get free observing practice (as you ain't riding the thing till you get the parts)"

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I must add I'm not having a dig at dealers or importers here they do a great job. It would be nice to get sherco parts as quick as Gas Gas. We don't want to open up that can of worms though.

Anyway I'm happy now as my bits turned up in todays post, I was not expecting them on a Saturday.

I'm still seriously thinking of getting a Raga after xmas just because of the parts nightmare I don't want a repeat of me missing trials next year.

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