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Beta Rev3 Rear Mudguard Help On Ideas...!


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Hi Guys,

Recently bought a Beta Rev3 250 to train on in my MX off season.

I love the bike and plan on doing a couple of Eastern ACU meets but I have a question.

I am planning on wrapping the rear fender/mudguard in black vinyl. Saves me spending what can only be described as silly money on a second hand replacement (£70+!)

Can I have your opinions please?

Positive or negative, I want to hear it all!

Thanks in advance!

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Hello fellow Suffolk person!

I also have a Rev 3 my rear Fender could do with a refresh as well, I was considering spraying mine black and then covering it with that clear stone chip protector but I guess black covering could also be an option. Will be interesting to hear what others say.

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Not new, I've found a few second hand ones at £70+ which I think is extortionate! I will be wrapping mine tomorrow and will let you know how I get on! I can only assume its the same as motocross graphics but easier as the sheet isnt made to fit so I can cut etc.

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i have got a 1999 sherco and the previous owner kept on top of the maintenance and it looks really clean, he also used sticky back carbon on part of the frame and on the side and seat part of the rear mudguard which looks really good but the decals where showing their age so i sanded it down and i have made my own decals, i was going to paint the mudguards first, i even bought the paint but then i noticed some silver sparkles in the original plastic which i would lose if i painted it so i decided to clear coat it, i have put three coats on and used a finishing compound on it and they look really good, i am putting the decals on today and putting two more coats over the top, i will send some photos when i have finished, i suppose only time will tell if the clear coat cracks or not but it looks good at the moment, i think covering parts of a bike with some age to it can look good and it very easy to do and is a cheaper option, i would prefer to see a bike restored as close as you can get to the original but thats just my opinion.

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ah martel welcome to the trials world !

I have an 2004 rear mudguard which should fit your rev 3 if you're interested, its a bit tatty but it would be perfect for like spraying etc...

got to bring your bike to raydon soon mate !


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