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Training Before A Big Event?


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Hi guys

I think most of you have read a bit of my story, and I appreciate all the help given.

I have less than 2 weeks untill my next comp....South African nationals round 3 &4. A 2 day trials in unfamiliar terain. It will be my second comp riding intermediate so im still unsure what to expect but im doing my best to be ready. I would desperately like a top 5 position although I doubt it (will be p!ssed with myself if I dont get top 10). Yes I put pressure on myself but thats what drives me :)

In my less than 2 weeks build up......how should I train? (I know what to work on but what sort of schedule). I have a dodgy shoulder and dont want to flare it up (hopping). Ive noticed that I ride worse if im off the bike for a week...takes a bit of time to get in the groove.

What ive been thinking is hit the training fairly hard (1.5-2hours a day solid), then have a few days rest just before the event and just have a play around for a bit the afternoon before to get that groove thing going.

For me its a big event.....and my competitive nature drives me mad but I like to know its not because I didn't try.....

What is the lead up for your "big" events?

Thanks guys :)

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I buy more rum..........and beer. gotta continue the good time well into the night.

I hardly practice, don't have the time for it. Wife, kids, job, insert 100 other lame excuses here.

I definitely notice a difference when I do have time to practice.

But I would suggest not overdoing it. You don't want to be exhausted and sore when you arrive to set up camp. You're weekend will be miserable if you are already physically wiped out before starting the national.

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If we were young, I`d say practice like hell. My suggestion would be the weekend before get 4 hours of good hard riding both days. Go out and ride a loop ( I know you have some space) of fairly easy sections, then make them harder the second loop. On that loop ride them till you clean them. Tottaly wear yourself out that weekend. Monday and Tuesday work on the bike. Wednesday ride hard for one hour in the yard you have. Show up to the event one day early. Ride for two hours just getting used to the terrain. Park the bike have some cold refreshments with your buddies (Competitors too, let them know how great it is to be riding!) Sneak off to bed early, Good Luck!

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I would suggest don't over think it... it is only 2 weeks away if you are not in decent shape you won't be... don't stray to far from your normal rhythm keep things fairly contestant. By now you must have a pretty good feel for what works for you and what doesn't. I would work on relaxing and enjoying the day if you get all stressed out over it you will have a tough go for sure.

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Thanks guys

Lineaway - i think im gonna do the 2 hours the day before, basically just want to remind my coordination what to do.

My schedule so far is:

Tuesday - Sunday: Train

Monday - Tuesday: Prep bike

Wednesday: drive 300km to JHB

Thursday: buy supplies and load up

Friday: depart at 5am, 600 km to event, set up camp and get a 2 hour play in, drink a cold one.

Sat - Sun: Ride well :)

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Like Zippy I very rarely get a chance to practice ... I usually end up making sure the bikes are right the nite before , Loading up and getting to the event by the riders meeting , unload , signup and ride ...and spend the first loop getting into my groove . And if my son comes with me to compete , I've got to make sure his brain is functioning too !

The best laid plans of mice and men ... Never quite workout .

Just relax , KEEP HYDRATED (no matter what the temp.) And Have Fun !

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