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Tlm 50 Big Bore Kit

john b

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Thanks for that !

Yeah I've seen Peter Gaunt riding his at some trials - and it certainly is capable ! (as he is as a rider !)

We have tried the TLM before strip down - Its being prepped for my sons Christmas present (he's 12) and it works well - just need to rev and splat to get the front end up - but seems a great little bike - a great step uf from his Whitehawk 80

cheers - and think I'll invest in the 60cc kit


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Hello, the tlm 50 engine and the mt5 mb5 motors are not the same.To be fair to andy m there are a lot of internal parts that are interchangeable. Tlm motors are the next gen motor along similar to mbx 50,(brit market) mtx 50 s.h ( german market). Someone does a 70 kit. vsmotoparts.com. Not sure about exhaust port angle? ive done a fair bit to mine, 100cc.Stock gearing and pulls third up hills,( with a bit of run up:)great little bike. Always puts a smile on my face. Hope this is some help.

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Hi, i am also trying to upsize my tlm50, But can confirm that the mt50 big bore kit from pattern parts DOES not fit , I bought one and tried . What is my next move , any suggestions please ??

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Hi John, that would be really helpfull to me so will wait for your response, thank you. I am looking also to the kx65 piston solution which has been mentioned on these forums in the past , but dont know to what extent the piston needs to be modified , can anybody perhaps help .?.

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Latest update

No joy from company in Holland (vsmotoparts) - spoke to them and they just said to have a look on the website for something I thought would fit ??

I have a friend who lives in Japan ( search on youtube and loads of videos of TLM50's trialling in japan !) who is investigating out there.....



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