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Scorpa Sy250 Reviews


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The clutch does feel a little strange when you first get on the bike. However I soon got used to mine. It stems from the fact that the Yamaha engine does not allow a normal hydraulic clutch operation as on most modern bikes. It was initially a cable clutch.

Scorpa have solved this problem by fitting a hydraulic slave cylinder which moves the original cable arm, thus the operation does feel unusual.

For a clubamn rider here in the muddy Midlands (UK) the Scorpa takes some beating. Yes, there are better bikes for Experts and there are easier bikes to work on, but the Scorpa is truly a class act.

As I've mentioned before though, all machines can and do go wrong in the end. But my 04 Beta kept loosing it's electrics and my 03 Gas Gas looked old very quickly. Fingers crossed for the new Scorpa.

I can honestly say; personally I love riding the Scorpa more than any other trials bike I've owned and it certainly flatters my very limited ability!

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Something that hasn't been mentioned here that is worth considering is support, which of course varies from place to place. At the TTC Trials Training days last spring, there were only 2 Scorpas out of over 100 bikes. Plus, Gas Gas and Sherco had support people there to provide parts, and help fix bikes. This could make the difference between riding or getting a DNF, which could be a big deal if you had driven a long way to ride, and/or were competing in a series for points.

As a novice trials rider, I am very happy with my 2003 SY-250, and would buy one again. But, I want to add that before buying the Scorpa, I rented a Gas Gas, a Sherco and a Montesa, each for a whole day, and they were all excellent bikes as well. I ultimately chose the Scorpa because I found a clean used one that came with both the long ride kit and the competition tank. Another big plus was the Yamaha engine - I kept thinking about how many old TY-250s were still running.

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I am now among the ranks of Scorpa riders! I bought a pretty clean 03 SY250 on Tuesday and I couldn't be more happy with it. It feels very smooth straight off the bat and is really very confidence inspiring.

I have a few minor niggles with the bike, but I think they're mostly down to personal set up (the gearing is almost a little too low) and the lack of knowledge on the part of the previous owner (putting normal engine oil in the bike for instance).

Thanks for all the info :)

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My Son has a 2005 SY250 and we find it is a very ''easy to live with'' bike for the occasional rider, its as capable as the riders skills...Keep in mind it is down fairly low on the high performance scale.  Try one ...and if you can try other models as well before you pull out your wallet. Make sure you check over your choice WELL before you purchase...have seen too many people purchase a used bike and immediately have to spend as much or more again to ''fix'' it :(  Happy bike hunting

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