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Swinging Arm Spindle

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Hi, Just brought a nice T250 and have only just got it to run really nice after carb rebuild and ignition rewound by motoplat uk. Also forks re chromed at philpots. Gear selection now passable after lots of head scratching, At first i could only get 1st 2nd and 3rd gear. Took selector out replaced and ony got 4th 5th and 6th ?.

The only problem left is the massive play in the swinging arm. The spindle is ceased solid. I guess the only way to remove is to cut out with a hacksaw blade down both sides as i had to do with my ty250. So the question is before I get the hacksaw out does anybody know what I can replace it with. Could I use needle roller bearings or plain bushes, would a bultaco one fit ?

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Not knowing but asking , didn't some Italajets spawn from swm's ?

May be worth a look ...

Good luck :)


Not SWM' s, early Italjets were similar to Bultaco.

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