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Will It Fit Into A Nemo Van .. Advise Needed Please


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Merry Christmas all.

Im looking for a van to get round the trials. Does anyone know if a 4rt and oset 20 will fit into a nemo (Citroën van) or will I need something bigger ?.

Been looking and there are some great bargains around at the minute :-) .. If not the Nemo, what's your opinion on the best van for the job ?

Cheers and all the best.

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You need something bigger - a Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot equivalent or Fiat Doblo (a bit bigger inside again) but go for the car not the van because:

It will probably have had an easier life.

it will be subject to higher speed limits (though I'm prepared to be corrected on that).

There are less restrictions on general use, eg you can take stuff to the council tip where vans are barred.

You can use it as a car.

Insurance will be cheaper (apparently) and easier to get. I made the mistake of saying I would be transporting a trials bike when speaking to my insurer when considering a van and they were a bit wary as I might have had a professional rider travelling with me with consequent liability in event of a crash. They had no answer when I pointed out that they had been happy to insure me for a decade to tow a trailer meaning I could have had two professional riders with me (though the nearest such lived two hundred miles away) - why they thought a professional trials rider would have significantly higher earnings than the other professionals I definitely did have travelling with me was unclear.

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As Stephen above says I doubt if you'd get a 4rt in a nemo, the load area is only 1500mm long.

I've got an 05 Berlingo 1.9 non turbo, it's cracking van, you'd get both your bikes diagonally (with front wheels turned to the side) in the back plus all your gear, you might have to compress the 4rt forks with a ratchet strap though, as the roof height is 1120mm. A Peugeot Partner is the same as the Berlingo.

Other choices in this size are the Vauxhall Combo, VW Caddy, Renault Kangoo or the Transit Connect.

For a slightly higher roof there's the Peugeot Expert or Fiat Scudo

If you want the bikes in straight with plenty of room then you'd have to go for a Transit/ VW Transporter/ Vivaro/Traffic size.

Something to think about is - how long before the Oset 20 becomes a Gas Gas 50?

Word of advice though, if you are going for a high mileage turbo diesel make sure it has full and I mean full service history.

Good luck hunting.

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I use them for work, will fit one, actually thinking about buying a nemo, bipper or fiorino. Quite economical, rides as a normal car, quite nice for holidays. Do need one with airco, cruise control etc though!

I will fit, although i dont think it will fit easily. Also depends if it has a wall inbitween, but that is a must in my opinion with noise etc.

A kangoo etc will work fine, but I like the nemo etc more.

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