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Water In The Engine


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I was driving through a loch with my friend, I drove into a deep bit and the air box took some water in. I reached the other side and the bike died. When I kicked it, it started but it was struggling and if was given too much revs died. When I emptied the air box there was a lot of water. I have cleaned the carb and dried the spark plug as well (as it was wet). It will still not start does anyone have any ideas what is stopping it?


Alexander MacLeod

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If you have a spark then you need to take the plug out and turn the bike upside down and turn the engine over by hand to remove any water from the crank.

Once the water stops coming out you must get the bike running and allow it to get hot (rad fan running) and keep it running to ensure the crank bearings are well lubed.

You must do this ASAP as the main bearings will start to form rust on the metallic surfaces if left with water in the crank, and then you will need to replace the bearings.

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Three of us drowned our 2 stroke dirt bikes in a bog. Stood each bike on their tail, drained carb, engine case and air filter on the spot. All 3 started, good thing, we were miles from civilization.

Only one bike gave us trouble, I ran his spark plug in my bike for a couple minutes to get it hot, then put it back in his before we saw any signs of life in that one.

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One thing you should never do is try and start it up with water in the air box or if u have dround it as you will end up hydrolickibg the engine and end up bending your conrod . If you end up getting water threw your air filter you should stop and dry it out and take the spark plug out and kick it over to eliminate any water

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