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2013 Factory 250 Fork Oil Levels

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I need the recommended fork oil levels for a 2013 Factory Evo 250. The CD owner's manual that came with the bike shows a different bike/forks and I'm not convinced the information is correct. It says 70 mm right, 130mm left. The parts manual shows very different internals for the standard vs factory model forks. Thanks!

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The forks are the same for the Factory vs Std model Evo. Same part #'s for internal components. Stock oil level for 2013 is 70 and 130.

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Almost all the parts are a different part number. 007349008 059 1 Forcella completa Stirrup assy. Fourchette compl. Schaltgabel, Kompl. Horquilla compl.

2 007342718 059 1 Gamba dx RH leg Tube D. Rechte Beineinheit Pata derecha

3 007342318 059 1 Gamba sx LH leg Tube G. Linke Beineinheit Pata izquierda

4 007349110 000 1 Cartuccia idraulica forcella dx R.H. Hidraulic fork spares Cartouche hydraulique dr. Hydraulischer Gabeldaempfer Cartucho hidraulico horquilla der.


5 007349120 000 1 Gruppo pacco distensione Extension pack assembly Ensemble paquet extension Baugruppe zugstufe Conjunto paquete extensió n

6 007349130 000 1 Gruppo pacco compressione Compression pack assembly Ensemble paquet compression Baugruppe compressionpacket Conjunto paquete compresió n

7 007349140 000 1 Tappo destro R.H. cap Bouchon droite Verschluß R. Tapó n derecho

8 007349150 000 1 Stelo Dx. completo R.H. slider assy Montant D. complet Bein, Kpl. R. Deslizable der. completo

9 007349160 000 1 Fodero DX Sleeve R.H. Protection Droit Schutzstuck Recht Protecció n Der

10 007349170 000 1 Cartuccia idraulica forcella sx L.H. Hidraulic fork spares Cartouche hydraulique ga. Hydraulischer Gabeldaempfer Cartucho hidraulico horquilla izq.


11 007349180 000 1 Stelo Sx. completo L.H. slider assy Montant G. complet Bein, Kpl. L. Deslizable izrda. completo

12 007349190 000 1 Tappo sinistro L.H. cap Bouchon gauge Verschluß L. Tapó n izquierdo

13 007349200 000 1 Molla forcella Fork spring Ressort fourche Gabelfeder Muelle horquilla

14 007349210 000 1 Fodero SX Sleeve L.H. Protection Gauche Schutzstuck Linke Protecció n Izq.

15 007349220 000 1 Kit viti Kit screws Jeu vis Schraubensatz Kit tornillos

16 007349230 000 1 Kit boccole Bush kit Kit douille Buchsekit Kit manguito

17 007349240 000 1 Kit guarnizioni Packings kit Jeu joints Dichtungenssatz Grupo juntas

18 007349250 000 1 Kit distanziali-seeger Spacer-Seeger kit Jeu entretoises-seeger Kit Distanz-Seegerring Juego distanciadores-seeger

19 007450680 000 1 Kit piastre forcella Racingtriple clamp Jeu tê te de fourche Gabelbrücken Kit pletinas horquilla

20 007450584 000 1 Kit distanziali cavallotto c/viti U bolt spacers w/screws kit Jeu entretoises etrier avec vis Kit Distanz-Brücke mit schrauben Juego distanciadores brida


21 1620611 000 1 Ghiera registro forcella Fork adjusting ring nut Douille reglage fourche Einstellung gabel Casquillo regul. horquilla

22 007340050 000 1 Dado cannotto Head tube nut Ecrou colonne Lenkrohrmutter Tuerca

23 007450583 000 2 Cavallotto fissaggio manubrio U-bolt for handlebar fastening Cavalier pour fixage guidon Bügelbolzen für Brida fij. manillar

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My mistake, you're correct. I didn't see the whole other parts listing for the Factory models at first glance. I'm impressed that they are so different. Anybody know how they compare to the performance of the STD model forks?

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