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2 Bikes In A Berlingo!


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Yeah, that was my initial thought to look for an old Transit Connect with long wheel base and high root.

But find one in decent state is a challenge. I mean if you don't want to spend too much.

It looks like it may be easier to find old berlingo in better shape, hence my question.

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On 10/9/2021 at 9:18 AM, jacuerro said:

I'd like to ask for simmilar. I plan to carry one bike, but would like to understand how it fits into the older/cheaper models of berlingo (I think it is 2004-2012).

I never had any van. Nor I have carried any bike in any car/van. How easy it is to put a bike in a small-ish van with low roof like Berlingo.

I am looking at both Berlingo cars and vans, but I guess van is going to have slightly more space + it'll be easier to clean.

Any photos much appreciated. Ta.

I use a 2003 Berlingo car to carry one bike. The roof is the same height as the van but I suppose the lining reduces clearance a little bit. Certainly my roof lining is looking a bit the worse-for-wear these days. When I was looking to buy a cheap van I found that the Berlingo car was somewhat cheaper than the equivalent van. I use a folding ramp to load and unload, which makes it very easy. Especially since I bought the EM which can propel itself up the ramp (no pushing!).

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