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Fork Trail Question For The Greeves Gurus.


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I have a Greeves bitsa, basically a 1960 SCS Hawkstone, which has been set up for trials with footrests mounted on the s/a spindle, brake pedal shortened to suit, trials engine plates complete with side stand, Parkinson conversion with thick Tufnol spacer and a trials top fork"yoke" with the ends of the curve pointing forward.


Is it the case that all the fork main "H" pieces are the same and a scrambles top yoke with ends of the curve pointing backwards will convert the forks to scrambles trail?. I also think I'll need scrambles engine plates which give a slightly different weight distribution?.


I've read the books and done the googling but am stumped, any advice gratefully received.

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hi try asking the same question on the greeves riders assocation web site as most of the experts seem to be members even some of the factory workers ,they welcome anybody with a greeves based bike.and i believe that you do not have to join to get an answer , i would personally join the club then you get full access to the lot including factory drawings , good luck ,, will.

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The trials forks have the lower yoke partly rearward of the legs with the V of the top yoke pointing forward, scrambles models have the lower yoke cross piece between the legs with the V top yoke pointing rearwards. The top yoke cannot be simply turned around as this would misalign the taper roller steering head bearings. When new the shear strength of the pivot bushes probably differed?

Earlier models of both types had the brake plate attached to the wheel loop which meant when the brake is applied the front of the bike rises, later models had a floating brake plate enabling full suspension travel under braking.

Engine cradle is different with the scrambles engine being mounted more centrally while the trials bike carries the cylinder nearer to the alloy beam which is same on both versions. The road bike I think was similar to the scrambles set up.

Swing arm length differed model to model.

The Stafford Classic Bike Show is next weekend why not come along as all types will surely be on display.

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Wow, there's a man who knows his Greeves. In fact I will be at Stafford tho' it's a fair trek from Glencoe!.

Next puzzle is that the Hawkstone bottom yoke position and angle on the fork legs look identical to an MDS sitting beside it, maybe have to take it apart to see exactly.

Thanks to both of you again for your advice.

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