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  1. Thanks for that guys, sorted out now.?
  2. Hi, I'd be grateful for a lead to a bike orientated welder to put modern type footrests on a Sherpa in Scotland. Central belt or North east Scotland would be most convenient.
  3. pschrauber #52 Many thanks for your reply, I was sure that was what you meant. I wonder if the 5-speed 340's owned by ND and BJ are 199a engines with the Pursang piston. The 5 speed gearbox would possibly have given more lateral room for machining bits off for the new s/a pivot point?. I'm sure we'll hear !!. Not any help in finding the last Sherpa, I know, but after Dabsters post,I had wondered if there was a previously unknown last factory run of bikes which might have explained the very high serial numbers mentioned by "Greeves".
  4. Thanks for that. I was aware of you guy's bikes. I read pschrauber's post as :- "the modification was made by Reg May on behalf of Comerforts and that these improvements were sent to the factory and ones hopes that there will be the development of a new model at the end of 1984.",comma, "It did sadly not happen". ("It" being the development of a new model, by the Barcelona factory, at the end of 1984, with the Reg May mods.) To which ND replied "It did happen......" Do you guys have Reg May prototypes, details of which were sent to Barcelona but never acted upon, or was there in fact a production run of "Reg May" bikes subsequently made in Barcelona?.
  5. Mildly confused here!. Do you mean that bikes with the Vesty/Reg May mods were subsequently produced in the Barcelona factory as hoped in the pschrauber copy article ?. Everything I've ever read suggests that only around 40 of the bikes with the oval swinging arm, etc., were produced at Comerfords by Reg May.
  6. Thanks for that, There was a suggestion that Mike Bell may have ridden it in the 1983 Scottish but that trail fizzled out. Bulltaco.
  7. Not any help as to total numbers produced, I know, but here's a quote in a letter from the great "Legs":- "The bike you have is one of the last six speed Sherpa's imported into the country. Imported on 18th April 1983. The bike was sold to Ernie Page Motorcycles in Edinburgh. By your description it sounds like a Vesty replica." The bike referred to is about 30 numbers below this one in Greeves post :- "Second document is astonishing: Bultaco No.: 199.14.688-B, Imported to Germany: 30.06.1983, (through Switzerland (bike was former registered in CH)), through custom of Freiburg, first road registering in Germany: 30.06.1983."
  8. Hi, I need the right angle speedo drive box for the British Hub Co. full width alloy hub on my Greeves and of course these hubs were fitted on many lightweights of the era.The threaded mounting hole in the hub is 10mm or so in length and the drive cog on the hub sits about 19mm in from the outside of the hub plate. I wonder if anyone knows of a source of these or is it a case of scouring the autojumbles?. If anyone knows the part number or original maker of these, that would be interesting too.
  9. Deryk, I did have a look at the timing marks, they are where they were but as you suggest it may be necessary to investigate further. Whinger, It's a concentric with the bush, I didn't have access to a compressor yesterday just the carb cleaner aerosol. I'll try the compressor on it today and hope your right. Thanks for your time guys.
  10. Hello there, My 3ta engined trials bike has suddenly decided not to run unless on full choke. I've stripped and checked the carb a couple of times, float and needle are OK, tank and carb. filters are clear, tank cap breather is clear, replaced jets, needle and gaskets but no joy, it splutters out as soon as I begin to open the choke. Exhaust pipes are tight, can't find any evidence of cylinder head leaks.The plugs are obviously sooty black with the choke on. The bike has a Rex Caunt ignition system. Any suggestions would be welcome, no matter how unlikely they may sound!. Regards, Bulltaco.
  11. Nevertheless, and according to the programme, the Monday route was 51 miles and riders were given as taking five and a half hours from leaving the start to arriving at the last sections (Lagnaha). The route was over forestry roads, good hill roads, a short section of a hill path and main roads. Tuesdays route is given as 102 miles, twice that of Monday, and included some pretty wet moor runs as well as the possibility of hold-ups at the canal bridges. Time from leaving the start to arriving at last section (Trotters Burn) is given as six hours 48 minutes. Just sayin'.
  12. Hoping to get a few classic scrambles before the arthritis in the wrists puts a stop to everything. They're too far gone to handle the Tribsa any more.
  13. Wow, there's a man who knows his Greeves. In fact I will be at Stafford tho' it's a fair trek from Glencoe!. Next puzzle is that the Hawkstone bottom yoke position and angle on the fork legs look identical to an MDS sitting beside it, maybe have to take it apart to see exactly. Thanks to both of you again for your advice.
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