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Getting A Logbook For Off Road Registration (The Dvla Plant And Machinery Type Scheme)

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Has anybody done this? At the moment everything I have is insured on its frame numbers anyway but it would be nice to have a proper registration number even if it is a Q.

I have had a look at DVLA information sheet INF85 and it says

"You should send documentation showing the Vehicle
Identifcation Number (VIN), engine number and proof
of ownership with your application"


I could probably in most cases find the original hand written receipts if they haven't fallen apart, but does anybody know exactly what they want? And what I can send if I can't find a receipt?  It would be easy enough to take a photo of engine and frame numbers to send along with the application.


I've already HPI'd most of them on the variations of the frame numbers (with/ without prefixes) and not a one has come up - oddly this includes 2 that I know for a fact are registered but I don't have complete plates for , my 250 Bultaco which was on a P and my SWM which a previous owner recognised and was on a W


Thanks for the help


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In my opinion, I think you would be better off to get an age related numbers for both bikes.

The INF85 document refers to a scheme to give off-road machines, mostly motocross bikes
a 'Q' plate and registered on the DVLA computer as a deterent against theft.

I am told a vehicle with a  'Q' plate is worth considerably less than the equivilant  normally registered vehicle.
Once a machine has a 'Q' plate it becomes irreversible and cannot be registered on any other plate.

If you decide to go down the 'Q' plate route, I would fulfil the INF85 requirement by attaching good photos of the
frame and engine numbers. For the proof of ownership, ideally a bill of sale or receipt, failing that a covering letter
saying that over time the receipt has been lost and where and when and from whom you purchased the bike and keep
your fingers crossed.

Hope all this helps


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Thanks Sparks, not really worried about a Q or age related they're unregistered at the moment so I can't imagine the values will be changed. Getting them off a 'Q' if I ever wanted to is easy as long as it was only allocated due to no proof of age - have done it a few times in the past.

Doing it this way avoids the £55 first registration fee associated with full registration.


Was hoping someone else had already done this and could give me a few pointers as to what was asked for. Will just send off what I have and see what happens

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I'm interested in this as I'd like to do similar with my Cota, I did read somewhere that the best thing to do is ring the DVLA and ask them to check the frame number but if pre 1984 records aren't there then it may not be much use. After that it's Roy Bacon + V55/5 + reg fee etc

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i dont think roy bacon is accepted any longer.. you ll need the bike authentcating by one of the clubs on the dvlas list some clubs will take it on frame and engine numbers others will want 'rubbings' of the numbers some will want to send a very nice man for reasonable expences.. you takes your chances..

q plates are no longer reversible once its a q now its a q forever

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