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Richmond's Mintex Trophy Trial.

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Attached is an image of the Organisers and Winners of the Mintex Trophy Trial.


Barry Robinson's Report and Results to follow this afternoon.




The Mintex Trophy Trial Organising Team plus winners.

L to r: Chris Wallis (Event Secretary), Nathan Stones (Clerk of Course), Sam
Johson (Runner-up), Joe Dawson (Winner), Keiran Child (Third), David Peacock
(Richmond Motor Club President),  Rhona Peacock (Results Coordinator), Vicky
Andrew (Awards Secretary), Sandra Fowler Results Coordinator & Richmond
Motor Club Youth Secretary.


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Richmond Motor Club. National Mintex Trophy Trial, Hurst, Reeth. 21-06-15.


Joe Dawson won the national Mintex Trophy Trial on Sunday at Hurst as maybe a rank outsider in the unique youth time and observation trial on the bleak Swaledale Moors. The Scottish teenager, all the way from Fife, is ranked seventh in the R.T KeedwellClass A championship but along with fellow Scot Duncan MacColl his formbook is better known on the Nicola Sturgeon area north of Hadrian’s Wall! However win he did, setting the best on observation, a mere thirteen marks for sixty sections and set the fastest time of 2-57.09 for what was forty four miles of challenging  moorland. Sam Johnson, ranked third in the Keedwell Class A series ran a close second on time, nine minutes on the Flying Scot and seven minutes faster than late entry- he did not know it was on, two days before the entry closed, Keiran Child !!. It was a very cold, they call it fresh in Richmond parlance, out on those Scott Trial moors Truro’s ace trialler Toby Martyn will remember, for many years his efforts. The Cornish national star had opened his account with an astonishing first lap by arriving at the final section at 11.07 am. That speed had taken Toby past forty nine other competitors. Whitby’s Chester Adamski, starting under number two, was next at 11.11am then Keiran Child at 11.13 am.  Sam Johnson was predicted by many to set the pace but he also was down to the tune of seven minutes just ahead of Dawson. Martyn appeared on the second lap at 1.40 pm – in a cloud of steam. The RCM Beta had expelled its coolant just below the penultimate section. The vapour cloud could be seen from a distance of a quarter of a mile. Only thirty made the distance out of fifty starters. The two ‘Widgets’ (no disrespect boys) in the top ten were Whitwick’s Daniel Slack and Bradfordian Joe Faunthorpe. Both lighter and shorter than their rivals by far but equally determined. Daniel wrestled with a dislodged chain on his MRS Shercoafter a stone got involved so he lost time sorting it. Joe Faunthorpe wore a permanent grin on both laps. At the awards function Clerk of Course Nathan Stones reported that the trial had gone to plan and thanked all the competitors and the many officials who patrolled the entire course as did the Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team.  Michelin again present tyres as part of their support for the unique mini-Scott Trial.



The Mintex Trophy:                                       Joe Dawson (HLS Beta) Time 0/Observation 13 = 13.

The Barry Robinson Trophy:                         Sam Johnson (Acklams Beta) 9+21 =30

The W.C. Stones Trophy:                              Keiran Child (Appleyard Beta) 16-16 = 32.

The Lowther Engineering Trophy:                Thomas Coates (Sherco) 15+35= 50.

The Mark & Mags Lunderberg Trophy:        Duncan MacColl (Highland Leisure Beta) 31+26 =57.


Mintex Salvers.

Jack Harker (Sherco) 13=58 =71.

Tom Culliford (Acklams Beta) 14=60 =74.

Joe Faunthorpe (Beta) 22+57 = 70.

Thomas Hartley (Gas Gas) 44 + 55 =99.

Daniel Slack (MRS Sherco) 45 +63 = 108.


Special awards.

Luscombe Trophy- best Under 15: Keiran Child.

The Mintex Cup – Standard Time , Joe Dawson. 02.57.09.

NLS Contracts Trophy: Joe Dawson.

Robinson Joinery Cup –Last official finisher: Charlie Dent 05.08.50.

The Syl Palmer Trophy –Best newcomer, Keiran Child.

Harker Coaches Trophy, Best endeavour. Thomas Wilkinson.

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just want to say a big thank you to all the organisers and observers and marshalls, for a fantastic trial, shame Kieran is too old next year, and didn't quite complete it but did better than he did last year.

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