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Funny Forinners


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Sad to say I am, as far as Scotland is concerned, one of those funny forriners (a Tyke from Yorkshire 'tha knows) and although I have written and published books about the SSDT as well as published books written by others, such as John Moffat, about Scotland and the SSDT I keep seeing the Edinburgh motto 'Haud Forrit' without having a clue what it actually means........


So please could some helpful Scot tell this dumb tyke just what the motto means????????




Deryk Wylde

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I've always believed it means Go Forward.

Haud can have different meanings - the main one is hold but is also used to say go.

Forrit is forward.

I'll confirm with Dad who was part of the SSDT committee but others may be on to confirm one way or another.

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