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Stoppy To Wheelie


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I am currently training my stoppy and wheelie (or wheel hop) teqniques, and especially moving the back wheel goes better and better. I am struggeling however to combine both teqniques.


As an example riding down a log, making the backwheel go to the right 90 degrees and landing, and than I want to place the front wheel a little more in the turn to ride a wall of the small concrete pipes. This is where it goes wrong. The location is a bit sandy, so doing the turn without wheel moving teqnique is very difficult. When I land the back wheel, I want to lift the front wheel, but it starts sliding away (because its not totally flat). I think this is because I first want to weight the front to then make a ''wheelie''.




Maybe I should try to make a video next time. But any thoughts, hints, tips or videos?

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It sounds like its a timing / weight issue. Timing of applying power (clutch) while weight is in the wrong place

Ride it again thinking about what you are doing with the clutch, have you got any power going to the back wheel as you land?

Try pausing once the rear wheel has landed before lifting the front (land - recover - take off). This will give you time to get your weight in the right place to lift the front.

It also means that you are planning a brief stop (mentally) which should make you less rushed and give time to get timing right.

You should have the clutch fully pulled and using the breaks as you land/pause to prevent the front sliding away (no drive, no push)

Once you get it with a pause shorten the pause until it becomes one motion..

Good luck, hope this helps

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