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Security Cameras Etc


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Hi all,this always makes depressing reading,but not a problem where I live.A little lateral thinking helps,right? This is what I would do.Assuming the garage/store is alongside your house with wooden doors or supports from the main structure.Panel the entire door/s on the outside with sheet alloy or steel,using plenty of coach bolts with decent washers under the nuts inside. Next,dig a bit of a trench to lay a plastic pipe from just inside the garage door to somewhere just inside the house. This is needed to get a couple of insulated cables safely out of site from house to garage.Next,purchase a Wasp of similar cattle fence generator--you can see where I am going on this,now?--.These things make a bit of a ticking noise,so inside a cupboard or under the stairs they should not be heard.One wire will go to earth,the other to one of the coach bolts under a nut & washer,nice & low down & hidden would be fine.If there is a window with nice strong steel bars,no harm in connecting to that as well. I will admit,quite a lot of work,but a couple of mates round on a Saturday should get most of it done. I do see one problem though,children & pets. Best then just to panel only the top half of the door where the lock is,move it higher if necessary. If at any time a quick dash to get screwdriver or whatever is needed,switch off first.Sooner or later,you will forget!! Anyone out there done something similar? Do tell us!

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            I Just hope i don't happen upon anyone steeling my bikes, either home or work !


            i've done all I can security wise but believe me if I catch them at it,,,,,, God help them ! (Then see how the police react) 


                I've actually given up on the police in Greater Manchester to be honest as had 3 very unrelated incidents lately involving the police and if I run my company like the police run theirs I would of gone bang a long time ago !  


                   So In my opinion,,,,,,Cameras up (linked to your mobile), Chains on bikes (through frames),Steel posts on doors. But best advice is keep your bike hidden when transporting/washing/servicing as there is always someone watching you.


                               Don't have nightmares..... just be careful with your bikes


                               As theft of off rode bikes is relatively easy game at the moment, or it seems to be !  



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