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jason ty250

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http://www.blackmorevaletrialsclubamca.co.uk/       http://www.walthamchasetrials.co.uk/      http://www.sdmcc.org.uk/       http://www.watersidejmcc.org.uk/     http://www.yeovalemcc.co.uk/     or link up to Facebook for what's on in the area. West country trials riders forum.  You can PM me for a link as TC won't let you mention some other sites!! 


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I missed most of those clubs off as they are miles away. Tisbury is in South Wiltshire and not very local to Cheltenham!




You don't say what sort of trials you may be interested in - but for a relatively local club to Tisbury, that uses sections in the Tisbury area, get in touch with the Salisbury club.

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Sorry I'll be dragging out the ty250 and my son will be on his ty80 so twinshock trials is what I'm after, I did dabble in modern trials at clubman level a couple years back but there is no way the ty would get round most the sections set out for the newerror bikes

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I think you missing the question in the post. "Want to ride trials with my son" with a TY250, I don't think a road trial suitable for a 1950 AJS is what's required!

Check my post 6 which asked what sort of trials and if you think the Arbuthnot is not a trial you are sadly misinformed - you see back in the day ALL trials used sections on private land connected by roads - or sometimes tracks.


In any event, it very much looks as though classic trials with twinshock classes is what is required, in order to get the possible level of rideable section.

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Laird387, I don't think the Arbuthnot that runs on the road in September is suitable for a lad on a TY80 or even a mid 80's TY250!   Oh, Yes, I do know about road trials if it was back in the day or last week, I still ride most of the UK based road trials on modern and classic bikes but defiantly not on a TY80.



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