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  1. Ride it as is and learn to read what the bike is doing - nothing wrong with the mapping and no need to re map it
  2. inch perfect trials do an experience day up north as does Steve Saunders down south
  3. local club websites, word of mouth? Active Bikesports are North Somerset/South Bristol I think. Also a place near Salisbury, but can't remember name
  4. I thought they can be ridden on a no award basis at the Clerk of Course discretion - Although that maybe as in a child at the correct age for a 125cc riding below his class
  5. You also have North Berks MCC, Glos & Cotswold, Zona1, Hawks MCC, Stroud Valley, Cheltenham Home Guard, Oxford Ixion to name a few - plenty missed off Try the ACU website for a list of clubs
  6. If they are an official dealer, who's the official importer now?
  7. Bvm in stroud SXS in Cheltenham What bike are you after? I know a few for sale atm in gloucester area
  8. doesn't stop your bike from being stolen - only lets you watch the scum taking it away from you!
  9. degzie

    Beta Evo 4 Stroke

    Had one for a while now, but just put a full aftermarket exhaust system on (ebay steal) transformed the bike
  10. Steve Saunders is based Glos/wilts border and does an excellent experience day
  11. degzie

    2010 Txt

    If you are taking the correct tools for the job - start with a trailer! Now, go and put your keyboard next to the tool box
  12. degzie

    2010 Txt

    not meaning to be rude, but if you need help in deciding what basic tools are needed, then it's probably best to step away from the tool box!
  13. no advantage at all - if suspension is set correct for riders weight
  14. Hi Jon V8 - I have a 250 I would like modifying if you have some spare time
  15. OK, I've searched the section and found that 2 trials bikes will fit into a Combo van - but my question is:- Will 2 bikes fit into a CREW version, with the rear seats folded down? I need 4 seats for occasional family use (picking up kids from school etc) but only use the 2 front seats when out on the bikes, with 2 bikes loaded in the back Thanks in advance
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