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Beta Rev 3 Strange Whining Noise

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Hi guys I wander if anyone can help or shed some light onto where I should be looking.

I recently got my first trial bike a nice 2003 Beta rev 3.....all seems grand but I took it out for her and my first ride today and I noticed that when you put her in gear and ride there is a strange whining/whirring/whistling noise from the front of the bike.

Now I have no clue about this bike but have had a few 2 strokes and never heard this type of noise before and am worried about it. So I cut short my ride (i must say the bike behaved very well power delivery, clutch and all that it just whined when moving in gear) and headed back to my shed to check the liquids.

I drained the transmission oil to check for water and no it seemed fine - ah one other question what transmission oil do i put in her¿?.

I checked the refrigeration liquid and it seemed fine no oil there...............so no oil in the water and visa versa.

I am now worried I have bought a donkey can anyone advise me please..


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