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  1. Any paint on the engine will make it run hotter. Keep that in mind
  2. The Best way to tame a 300 is to buy a 250!!!!! Why do people think O ill get a 300 and make it less powerful!??? It makes no sense. Just get a smaller displacement and quit trying to reinvent the wheel!!!!
  3. Hello everyone. What is the current state of Ossa parts and part availability for used bikes, worldwide Especially in the U.S.??? As a bike dealer I ask this in regards to taking a 2014 300 In on trade. With Ossa being no more how is that effecting the overall re sale of a non existent manufacturer??? Any input would be sweet!!!! Thanks Andy
  4. If your in the States Beta trials support from Beta U.S.A is terrible!!!! Unless you ride A Beta enduro bike. I have been on Beta trials bikes since The Rev came out in 2000 and thought they were the best bikes out there, (not without their flaws). My last 2014 factory 300 was fantastic best bike I've ever ridden, however after waiting for a factory rear fender for over 6 months and waiting for several other items I could no longer put up with Beta U.S.a lack of caring. TRS is my new ride and if I break something Jim Snell has everything you need and it ships same day. Maybe Beta usa should take a note
  5. evoalien

    2018 Beta Factory Evo

    They are really stretching this design thin
  6. Crappy I mean crappy rear fender design, so get yourself a spare. I would take your factory fender off and put on a plain non factory for your riding purposes. That way when you get rid of the bike you have a new unmolested factory fender to put on it without spending alot of money to replace the factory fender you broke if you were to leave it on
  7. Come back in what form?? The old twin shock bikes still have a good turnout at events and even special series with just twin shock. But new twin shock production bikes will never be seen unless you build one. Or buy a Harley twin shock bikes are all the technology they can handle
  8. The single box frame ended in 2011 along with the 290 cc motors. 2012 was the hydro formed frame with the new 300 cc motor derived from the Factory 2011 model. To tell for shure if its a 290 or a 250 you would have to measure the bore.
  9. You won't because they aren't Paoili's
  10. Beta bought all the tooling from Paioli when they went belly up. They are technically their own brand now . I did hear that they are actually considered Sachs front forks now as Beta has turned over all the tooling to them.
  11. Opinions of others are not how to buy a bike, You need to throw your leg over as many bikes as you can and make the call based on your feelings. One bike will ultimately feel better than anything else you tried. Now with that being said I have Been a die hard beta guy since 2000 and have had nothing other up until 3 months ago as we got tired of the lack of Beta trials support. We jumped into Trs not knowing much about them other than Its a Jordi Tarres creation. Let me tell you how absolutely superb this machine is, from Form and function to Build Quality to ease of maintaining. I never thought I could be happy not having a Beta, Now I'm like...... Beta What!???. And we like them so much we are now TRS dealers in upstate N.y
  12. evoalien

    carbon reeds

    Yes!!!!! The carbon reed will fit.
  13. Looks like Beta to me. Only bike built on an assembly line!
  14. Ohlins should stay out of trials suspensions. Their rear shocks blow like a Bad North wind. Reiger is hands down the better way to go. They say you get what you pay for and its so very true. I would take a stock olle over the ohlins
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