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Hi  I just put together a set of 35 mm fantic forks for a bike i am doing ( new legs new seals and springs ) Put in the bike felt ok but one leg started leaking ?odd i thought i may have caught a seal so i replaced seal and tried again ..same again . so i took the little screw out of cap and there was a woosh of air .. so i took the caps apart made sure the air hole was clear put back in and went for a ride under hard compression oil came out the little air hole ?? Help Please ..


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If i open the bleed screws and leave loose no problem , So why when tight the air pressure keeps going up until it forces oil past the seals ? release pressure and no leaks . action of forks are good 

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Hi there, having exactly the same problem with my Fantic 240! Had to put 300 forks in it due to the guy I loaned it to once, trashing the original forks in a massive crash. It was my fault apparently for loaning him a substandard machine! Oil leaking from the pressure relief caps but really nice smooth,progressive action.

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